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Memory Information Technology

IT Consultancy to any business.

Technology is developing at rapid pace and every businesses need to keep up Technology. if any business want to achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge need to get correct IT Consultency. .

Information Technology (IT) has ballooned into a massive part of a business and includes components like:

     1. Systems integration
     2. Enterprise architecture
     3. Software management
     4. Data analytics

The need for expert advice in creating, implementing, and managing these systems has catapulted the IT consulting industry – $408 Billion – to nearly double the value of the management consulting industry – $229 Billion.

Unlike management consulting, which tends to be the realm of enterprise businesses, IT consulting is relevant and even essential for businesses of virtually every size.


“MICT” IT Consultants ask questions like:

How can we use new technology to help us reach our strategic goals?
Can we optimize the existing IT setup, or do we need to replace it?
How do we effectively integrate changes into the existing framework?

IT consulting is incredibly demanding: “We live for our clients,” says Gerard Verweij, U.S. technology consulting leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers. “That sometimes means we have to make sacrifices because our clients are in need. Over-time, weekend work and travel are all part of the job.”

IT consultants need to possess a detailed knowledge of leading applications, analytics software, security practices, cloud computing, etc. They also need to keep abreast of emerging technologies. It’s a challenging field, but the ever-growing demand also means it’s fairly easy to get into.

MICT is Committed giving best it consultancy to any business

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