Networking and Wifi Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Internet is now part of our living style. We depend’s on internet and wifi network in the varous aspects of our life. After wake up from sleep and before going to sleep we complete huge task using internet connection. Nobo IT helps to bring it closer and easy to setup Wifi Connection in Home, Office, Outdoors and Make the life more easy. We are using latest technology like Cisco, Microtic & Juniper which is highly secure equipment. Our Expert engineer’s are deditated to support if there need any assistance

How Ismail Ict Solution One works

No matter where applications are hosted, or employees reside, enterprise connectivity needs to be secure and fast. Ismail Ict Solution’s massive global network uses real-time Internet intelligence to protect against the latest threats and route traffic around bad Internet weather and outages.

Protect employees and data from threats on the Internet.

Keep employee connections to the Internet safe. Ismail Ict Solution One inspects traffic leaving devices and networks for threats and data loss events that hide inside of connections at the application layer.

Connect offices to each other and the Internet – safely.

Ismail Ict Solution One doesn’t just help your team move to the Internet as a corporate network – it optimizes the Internet. Our network is carrier-agnostic, exceptionally well-connected and peered, and delivers the same set of services from every global point of presence.